The bullying example that led to this book

The book Bullying in Australian (and Other) Workplaces was inspired by author John Murphy’s involvement as an advocate in a serious case of worker abuse. ‘Jane’ asked for help when she was targeted for mistreatment by her manager. Many years earlier, John completed a doctoral thesis on job satisfaction, a related topic, and 10 yearsContinue reading “The bullying example that led to this book”

Workplace bullying: What you’re up against if you complain

If you listen to information and advice about workplace bullying from government-funded health and safety regulators and other agencies, you could reasonably assume that Australian workers are well protected from bullying by strong laws, clear policies, robust and ethical processes. Nothing, however, could be further from the truth. Acting on their bullying can be highlyContinue reading “Workplace bullying: What you’re up against if you complain”