Project Team


Dr John W Murphy

Dr John W. Murphy is a qualified social worker with 40 years of experience in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. He taught social work at Monash University and worked in family and children’s services, community development and volunteering. He has supported employees who have been bullied at work and advised employers.


Barrie Thomas

Barrie Thomas is a qualified social worker with a 42-year business career which included bringing The Body Shop cosmetics retail chain to Australia and New Zealand where he is currently managing director. He was an Adjunct Professor at Deakin University. Through his business, he has supported a wide range of philanthropic causes in Australia, New Zealand and developing countries. Barrie funded the production of this book through his community foundation.

Dr Max Liddell

Dr Max Liddell has social work qualifications and has had a long career in family and children’s services and private consulting. He was an Associate Professor and Head of the Social Work Department at Monash University and recently wrote a seminal history, Child Welfare in Australia Since 1788.

Book cover: Bullying in Australian (and Other) Workplaces

Bullying in Australian (and Other) Workplaces by Dr John W. Murphy with Barrie Thomas and Dr Max Liddell is available at leading booksellers worldwide or ask your favourite bookstore.